OptIn Technologies is a full service, turn-key, affordable Messaging Strategy

What separates us from our competition is our versatility and ability to accommodate businesses of any size. We help small and mid size businesses utilize the power of mobile and proximity marketing, that have traditionally only been affordable to large scale businesses. Likewise, our platform has been strategically designed to fully integrate with any businesses existing marketing program, making implementation streamlined and simple for the big box business as well.

Our business model is another standout feature. Optin has already secured Marketing and Sales Partnerships that immediately expand our reach, cross platform capabilities, and sponsorship opportunities. We have an attractive pipeline of national and international partners who will use our Licensed and White Label Solutions, as well as significant relationships with Marketing firms, Sales teams, POS/CRM Vendors and the ISO channels.


Optin Technologies is a robust Cloud-based messaging platform, providing international businesses a uniquely competitive and affordable alternative solution to investing in an expensive customized app.

Taking the best of what mobile marketing has to offer, we’ve integrated the power of Opt-in MMS/SMS with the impact live-time GPS/Beacon/Proximity Technology. This not only increases the effectiveness and efficiency of advertiser communications, but also provides multiple revenue generating opportunities for our clients.

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  • Subscriber Management
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Secure Cloud Data
  • Targeted Demographics
  • Location-based Services
  • Event-driven Platform
  • Enterprise Analytics
  • Intelligent Message Routing
  • Global Manager
  • API Management
  • Legacy Data Activation
  • Augment 3rd Party Data Seamlessly


The Optin Platform brings together CIO’s and CMO’s to engage clients, drive sales, and activate customers globally. Optin works with enterprises to augment existing and legacy data to deliver targeted, timely and relevant mobile experiences to customers.

Optin Technologies is an advanced-next generation-data capture-messaging company. We progress basic SMS to include Proximity and GPS targeting, we guarantee real time data capture for an unmatched measure of ROI, and we provide relevant, immediate and focused information at the optimal time to a 100% Opt-in Database.


We have an incredibly talented team from business management, mobile experts to web developers. Our combined experience gives us more than a century of knowledge to draw upon. Our Executive Team is well versed in building companies, sales teams and valuable partnerships.

The sole focus of this team is to deliver higher revenues and profit to our clients’ businesses through our technology.