Surveys found that more than half of small to mid-sized business owners do not measure or do not possess the capacity to measure the return from their marketing strategies.

Without any baseline tracking:

  • It is impossible to track the success of your campaigns.
  • Offers you no insight into other media or strategy alternatives that may bring more return.
  • Leaves you incapable of learning customer preferences and behaviors.

Optin’s extensive data capture is designed for insights to enhance your marketing and overall business success.


The #1 worry for business owners is finding new customers.

  • Small business owners worry about sales and attracting new customers. If they are a start-up, they’re worried about getting new customers. If they’ve been around for a few years, they likely worry about keeping their customers.
  • Assess all the ways you currently bring in new customers. Communicate with your customers often, listen to their challenges, find new ways to bring them value, and do whatever it takes to surpass their expectations for your business. With the help of OptIn, impress your current customers enough and they will tell new people about you!